Investment criteria

Strong management team

BIP backs experienced, motivated and result-oriented management teams with excellent leadership skills. We endorse management participation programs to align all involved parties’ interests and to allow management to benefit from the value we create together.

Growth Perspectives

BIP favors businesses with clear growth perspectives, e.g.

  • Companies addressing fast-growing markets

  • Market participants with the opportunity to enter new geographies and/or product categories

  • Enterprises driving industry consolidation

Our primary intention is to focus on companies with perspectives of growing revenues, profitability and cash flow instead of financial engineering.  We believe that we can contribute with our knowledge and experience to set the outline for a successful growth trajectory.

Solid Business Model

Our preferred targets have a strong competitive positioning and are active in markets with clear barriers to entry.

Cash Flow Generation

BIP’s investee companies should have the ability to generate recurring cash flows allowing the companies to further develop their businesses by the use of cash for additional profitable investments and in the case of growth capital to generate recurring revenues.

A clearly defined governance

A clear internal structure and organization is very important to ensure efficient decision making and operations. In order to establish regular contact between the BIP investment team and management, BIP requests a board seat and a say in important strategic decisions in the case of Private Equity investments.