Added value

BIP’s team members build on extensive transaction and financial expertise and a track record of investing into various transaction types and sectors. This makes us an ideal partner for entrepreneurs and management teams. We have access to a rich contact base including top-notch advisors, banks, industry experts and high-caliber managers able to provide external support and advice when needed.

For companies pursuing a buy-and-build strategy, we are the optimal partner providing financing for add-on acquisitions and offering advice in the course of the acquisition process. Where required funds exceed our means, the BIP investment team provides active support to secure the necessary additional funds, either from co-investors or from credit institutions.

With our international, multilingual team, we have good market knowledge of and access to the countries we operate in and can also provide valuable help in the case of internationalization projects.

BIP’s unique positioning allows us to be an active minority shareholder or lead investor participating alongside founders, management teams and co-investors.